Specifications for Vector Files

Specifications for Raster Files

Specifications for PDF Files

Specifications for Files from Page Layout Programs

Non-Professional Design Programs

Files from programs like Microsoft Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, Excel, or other entry-level design, art, or desktop publishing programs are usually not acceptable and will probably be subject to additional fees for artwork recreation. However, most of these programs have the ability to export your design as a .pdf file which is acceptable. While we do not own most non-professional design programs, if you are unsure if you know how to properly save a .pdf file from them, we have the ability to convert most formats unto a usable file.

A Word About Color

We have worked hard and invested heavily to make sure our wide format printers print the most accurate color possible. When you are designing, please specify Pantone spot colors whenever you can. This eliminates the chance that your prints will not represent the color you had in mind. Remember, the color you see on your monitor is probably not accurate, but numbers don’t lie so closely watch your RGB and CMYK mixtures. For example, if you need a nice “royal blue” and on screen you see what you want, but your CMYK mixture is C100/M100/Y0/K25 you will get prints that are purple, not royal blue. If you are unsure your CMYK mixture will print as desired, please contact us and we will advise you of any changes that should be made.

Submitting Artwork

When your file is ready to submit, you can email it to your INSIGNIA account representative if the file is small enough, or you can upload your files here. Make sure when you send us artwork you include your name, your company, the job specifications, your purchase order number if applicable, and any other pertinent information.